Over the years, Japan have a greater stand in the ASEAN region and also had drastic changes to its immigration policy. Many companies now are actually more keen to hire foreign students who have studied in Japanese Universities and Japan now welcomes more foreign talents than before! This could be a great opportunity to have better prospects, especially in such a challenging and competitive world now. 


This is why we have started the Study in Japan programme in March 2019.

We want to act as a bridge between Japan and Singapore, more importantly, our role is to bridge this gap between Japan and you.

We are aware that there are very limited education consultancy services that only focus on studies to Japan and the information online is also limited. As we understand this journey may be a complex and difficult one, our team are more than willing to help in any way possible. 

Our team comprises of members with great expertise in different sectors. 

We belong to Fifty One Media Pte Ltd, a Japanese media firm who specialises in magazine reads for Japanese expats in Singapore. 

Our headquarters (Japan Navi) is based in Tokyo, Japan, founded for the purpose of connecting foreign students to Japan. 

Our team believe in raising young talents like you, by sharing as much information as we have, and help you achieve your full potential at your own ability. 

Meet The Team


Kosuke Iida

Managing Director


Yap Hui Yi

Educational Consultant and Business Development Manager



Educational Consultant 

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 4.33.49 PM.png

Kento Kazama

Academic Advisor

Founder and Director of Fifty One Media Pte Ltd and Japan Navi. Iida is a proud Japanese citizen and hopes that more Singaporeans can discover the advantages of studying in Japan!

Huiyi believes that every student will discover their own ability and potential, without having to be persuaded or forced by anyone. She has conducted 5 seminars within 1 year and have successfully helped 2 students in furthering their studies in Japan! Huiyi forges good relationship with each student because she understand any help rendered should be throughout the whole journey.

 Nalaka had more than 8 years of experience studying and working in Japan and loves sharing his personal story to students. Not only a fan of Japan, Nalaka also hopes that through his own story and advices, he can assure and help more students in seeing what he saw of Japan. 

As the main in-charge of Japan Navi, Kazama is a humble, all-rounded and hardworking man. He is currently pursuing his Master's Degree at the University of Tokyo, School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies. UTokyo is ranked top 20 Universities in the whole world and one of the most prestigious Universities in Japan!


What we do

Our Study in Japan Booklet was first published in June 2019.

It is an extensive and informative booklet with all the information students need about furthering their studies in Japan. It also covers all the common enquires that student would prompt our Educational Consultants. All students who have seen this booklet absolutely love it! 

We are in the midst of editing and revamping the booklet! The second batch is scheduled to be published in July 2020, so stay tuned for that! Feel free to drop us an email/message if you want us to save one for you!

Before COVID, our Educational Consultants conduct seminars once in every 2 to 3 months. We choose to keep our seminars small as we want our students to be comfortable to prompt questions and have their doubts and queries cleared. As of March 2019 to April 2020, we have conducted 5 seminars and also participated in 2 major events.


We are also actively hosting webinars with prestigious Universities and Japanese Language Schools during this COVID situation because we value each student's journey despite all circumstances.

We got to know close to 300 students within this year and we are prompted many times if we do short term programmes as well. 

Hence in Dec 2019, our team decided to plan our very first Spring immersion programme. 

It was supposed to be a 9 days trip and the purpose is to provide insights and experience on how it is like to work, study or live in Japan! 

Originally going to be held from 16th April to 24th April 2020, we had to cancel the trip due to COVID-19. But we promised our students that a Autumn 2020 immersion would definitely be held if the coronavirus is kept at bay by then. 

If you want to know more, click on the image to get redirected to our Spring 2020 immersion webpage!

Our Educational Consultants are always available for the students. We do not knock off at fixed timings and we even reply to WhatsApp messages on weekends! Our email and numbers are as follows and we always honour our promise to attend to and help our students anytime, anywhere.