Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture 

A diversified school that not only offer general Japanese language courses but also courses that cater to students' individual needs. Apart from just learning the language, the school also provide the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and the country's history through activities that can only be experienced in Japan.


Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture is located at Chiyoda City, Tokyo!

Only 4 minutes walk from Suidōbashi Station, you will find many eateries and convenience stores around this area!


Japanese Conversation Course

Japanese Intensive






Japanese Conversation Course

This course is for students who particularly aim to learn and mainly develop their conversation skills. In this course, you will learn a lot of Japanese conversational skills that are useful for your life there. This is perfect for those who are planning to work in Japan! 

4 weeks
12 weeks
1 year
Total fees: ¥94,000
Total fees: ¥222,000
Total fees: ¥953,000

Intakes for this course is January, April, July, October and lessons are conducted from 9.10am to 12.40pm Mondays to Fridays. 

4 and 12 weeks are known as short term courses - only Tourist visa or Working Holiday visa is needed. 


Japanese Intensive Course

The course that teaches you listening, reading, writing and speaking Japanese language. This course is suitable if you are planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU). 

4 weeks
10 weeks
1 year
Total fees: ¥94,000
Total fees: ¥190,000
Total fees: ¥825,000

Intakes for this course is January, April, July, October.

"Kanji lesson" is included in this course.

However if you are a total beginner, it is advisable for you to take the "Hiragana & Katakana Course" in preparation for this course.

4 and 12 weeks are known as short term courses - only Tourist visa or Working Holiday visa is needed. 


Hiragana & Katakana Course

This course is for total beginner. The aim of this course is to learn basic vocabulary and expressions for daily conversation. After this course is completed, students can transfer to the "Japanese Intensive Course". 

This course is only a 4 weeks duration and it cost ¥94,000. 


Kudan Institute also have many other special courses that a regular Japanese language school might not have. 

Do contact us if you want to know more information about the individual courses. 

The course dates vary every year and cost for each course differs as well. 

Spring Holiday Course
Winter Holiday Course
Summer Holiday course
Manga Course
January (3 mths), March (2 mths), July (1 mth), October (1 mth)
Tea Ceremony Course
Cooking Course
January, March, July, October
Job Hunting Course

Kudan Institute also provides many additional support for students. 

From short term visa to student visa, Kudan Institute will provide the fullest support. Additionally, we are also here to act as a bridge, if you have any questions or problems, hence you can also ask our experienced Educational Consultants!

Dormitories, Shared apartments, Homestays, Kudan Institute have what you are looking for, hence you need not fret about looking for an accommodation on your own. 

Kudan Institute plans different activities for students to experience the Japanese culture and to make your time in Japan a valuable one. Some activities include hiking trip, tea ceremonies, calligraphy lessons and many more!

After-graduation support is also rendered fully. Kudan Institute can help, advise and refer should you meet difficulties in finding a job/educational institution after graduation.