May & June 2021 Webinars

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11am to 12pm (SGT)

Toyo Language School

TLS is a part of Jikei Group. Jikei Group is one of the foremost comprehensive academic group in Japan with 80 professional training colleges and educational institutes, and 35,000 students in various fields, such as welfare, medical services, hospitality, entertainment, design, manga, animation, cooking, confectionary, animal and beauty. Whether you are looking to learn Japanese in 3 months or long-term, be it for your University studies, JLPT test or for your future job opportunities, join TLS's webinar and learn more about how they can help you reach your targets!


12.30pm to 1.30pm (SGT)

 Bunka Institute of Language 

BIL's mission is to prepare their students for success in the next stage of their education/life. They have had students from 90 countries, and they are proud that nearly all of their graduates consistently matriculate to higher education within Japan. 50% of them continue to pursue their dreams within 1 of the 4 schools under the Bunka Education Group. BIL is an accredited Japanese Language Institute officially certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Join them at their campus in the heart of Tokyo, Shinjuku, for Bunka's 100th year anniversary of teaching excellence in 2023. 


2pm to 3pm (SGT)

Kansai College of

Business and Languages

Since the school's establishment in 1953, they have cultivated many language specialists. Long term Japanese course (1 to 2 years) as well as Short term Japanese language course (210 hours) are available to suit students' preferences. 

Students who graduated from Kansai College have enrolled into Osaka University, Nara University of Education, Kwansei Gakuin University, Kansai University, Ritsumeikan University, and many more!

29th May 2021, Saturday


11am to 12pm (SGT)

Hokkaido AskGate

Japanese Language School

A small but aspiring school that aims to help students build skills that they need for self-expression and to independently work towards their goals. They offer Japanese course from 1 year to 2 years duration. Students who wants to move on to a Japanese-condudted program in a university, graduate school, or technical school should join this webinar and hear more! They also support your preparation and reviews of lessons with an online learning system - you can learn Japanese anytime, anywhere!


12.30pm to 1.30pm (SGT)

Matsudo International School (Japanese Language School)

A Japanese Language School that provides standard visa course (6 months to 2 years) and tourist visa course (1 to 12 weeks) for you to learn Japanese language in its native country! Many students who graduated from Matsudo has advanced to prestigious Universities such as Chiba University or got accepted into companies such as Toyota and Sheraton Hotel Group.


2pm to 3pm (SGT)

Yokohama International Education Academy

Students join them for one to two years in their Standard Japanese Language Course. They not only provide comprehensive learning with equal emphasis on input & output, but also utilize the collaborative learning method. Graduate School Prep Class & electives are also available. They have been providing quality Japanese language education for over 32 years. Yokohama is an energetic & innovative city. It is situated within the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area yet manages to maintain its quiet charm as a beautiful international port city. 

30th May 2021, Sunday


11am to 12pm (SGT)

Nagoya University of the Arts

The university is located in Aichi prefecture, the center of Japan. It is a comprehensive arts university where students can study fields of arts, music, performing arts, fine arts, design, liberal arts, and education. A Japanese Language Course will be provided. The University celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. There is a special scholarship system for international students who have excellent scores for the entrance exam. Why don't you consider studying art or Japanese at Nagoya University of the Arts? 


12.30pm to 1.30pm (SGT)

Digital Hollywood University

Digital Hollywood University (DHU) is a Japanese private university located in Tokyo, Japan. It specializes in the field of Digital Content that includes 8 main specialized study areas; animation, 3D CG・VFX, film, graphic design, web, game・programming, advertising・PR・business, and media arts. DHU offers a 4-year bachelor's degree in Digital Content taught entirely in Japanese. Their unique integrated curriculum focus on hands-on learning that allows students to maximize their unique potential.


2pm to 3pm (SGT)

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)

APU, located in Beppu, Oita, offers programs in BBA & BSocSc conducted in 100% English. Students can apply WITHOUT any Japanese language knowledge/background. They also offer Tuition Reduction Scholarships (30%-100%), valid until graduation. Their students and their faculty are 50% international, which means your education is globalised and widespun, as are your opportunities. With various internships and opportunities to work in Japan and overseas upon graduation (96% employment rate), APU is a wonderful opportunity for your future.

5th June 2021, Saturday


1.30pm to 2.30pm (SGT)

Musashino University

Musashino University, located at the core of Tokyo, Japan, has more than 12 faculties, and 20 programs to choose from. They offer Global Business program conducted in 100% English, and students who graduated from here find themselves in Global Corporations, International Trading Firms, Financial Institutions and many more! Other than that, Musashino University also offer many other programs such as Mathematical Engineering, Architecture, Economics and many more in Japanese. 


3pm to 4pm (SGT)

Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan University, Japan's leading university, has 120 years of education history. It is selected as one of the Top Global Universities by Japan's Ministry of Education, out of more than 700 universities in Japan. A private comprehensive university with campuses in Kyoto, Shiga and Osaka. Their English-medium programs (conducted in 100% English) are uniquely innovative and international with dual or joint degrees where students can earn their Bachelors with Ritsumeikan and partner Universities from their extensive global network.

International Festival 1 (1.7MB).jpg

12pm to 1pm (SGT)

Tokyo International University (TIU)

Located in the heart of Japan, Tokyo International University (TIU) is a leading global university that provides English-medium degree programs (conducted in 100% English) in Business and International Relations. With students from 68 countries, TIU offers a truly international learning environment and tuition reduction scholarships (30% to 100%) are available.

In the E-Track Program, students can earn a bachelor's degree in Business Economics (B.A.), Digital Business & Innovation (B.S.), or International Relations (B.A.) in English. No prior Japanese language experience is required, as students can take Japanese courses ranging from beginner to advanced.

6th June 2021, Sunday


11am to 12pm (SGT)

Kyoto University

of Advanced Science

Kyoto University of Advanced Science is a private university located in Ukyō-ku, Kyoto, Japan. Its two campuses are located in Kyoto City, and Kameoka City. At KUAS, all engineering courses are taught in English and focus on providing students with practical, hands-on industry experience. International engineering students are also provided intensive Japanese language courses. If you want to be a global street smart engineer, KUAS is the place for you.


IT College Okinawa

IT College Okinawa is located in Okinawa, Japan.
Okinawa is one of the most famous resort spots in the world and its food culture is similar to Southeast Asian countries. Okinawa can be the best place to live in Japan because the prices here are lower compared to the metropolitan areas such as Tokyo. IT College Okinawa is a vocational school for you to learn IT and digital contents from the basics, and increase your chances of being accepted into a Undergraduate degree in similar course. Many students who graduated from IT College Okinawa has enrolled into Okinawa International University. 

12.30pm to 1.30pm (SGT)

TUJ new Sangenjaya Campus.jpg

2pm to 3pm (SGT)

Temple University

Established since 1982, TUJ is the oldest foriegn university campus in Japan, and the only 4 year American University in Tokyo. Students from around the world come to TUJ for its academic quality, Tokyo location and cultural immersion.

TUJ offers the unique opportunity to receive an American degree in Tokyo. All classes at TUJ are taught in English. Our students can chose from 10 undergraduate majors. They offer a variety of internships and career support along with an extensive activities program.

12th June 2021, Saturday