Tokyo International University (TIU)


Tokyo International University was founded in 1965 with a focus on business and commerce, and upon earning accreditation from the Ministry of Education (MEXT) the college has grown into a private university that now encompasses five undergraduate schools and four graduate schools.

Tokyo International Universityʼs E-Track Program began in 2014 with the primary focus of providing students from all around the world with the opportunity to earn a 4-year Bachelorʼs Degree with majors of Business Economics and International Relations in an all-English curriculum from the heart of Japan. Under TIU's E-Track Program, you can pursue your Bachelor's Degree in Japan conducted in 100% English. This means that even if you have no Japanese language proficiency, you can still apply for the courses in TIU!



Enrolment Fee (one-time only)
1st year tuition fees
Subsequent years tuition fees
Facility Fee
  • Enrolment fee is a one-time non-refundable fee to secure your place in TIU. It is charged for the first year only and to be paid before school entry.

  • Tuition fees for each year are paid on a semester basis. Amount displayed is an annual amount. 

  • Facility fee for each year is paid on a semester basis. Amount displayed is an annual amount. 


Anyone, including Japanese nationals, applying to the English Track Program is eligible to apply for the TIU tuition reduction scholarship at the time of application. Applicants who were granted a scholarship will have a reduction level applied to their tuition. The reduction will not be applied to the enrolment fee and facility fee. The amount of tuition reduction awarded ranges from 30% to 100%.

Application for this scholarship is done at the same time and page when you are completing your application to enrol into TIU. 

All applicants are required to declare if they wish to apply for the TIU tuition reduction scholarship by selecting ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ at the application page. If you selected ‘YES’, state your reason for applying to the scholarship (up to 100 words). If you selected ‘NO’, you will not be considered for the TIU tuition reduction scholarship.

Applications for the TIU Tuition Reduction Scholarship are accepted only during the application period in which the student applies.

Scholarships are awarded at the same time as the admission results are announced.

Successful scholarship applicants and their rate of reduction will be decided based on a comprehensive evaluation of all documents and information submitted, including the statement of purpose, official transcripts, a letter of recommendation, a valid English score, the Tuition Reduction Scholarship Application form, and uploaded proof of extracurricular activities.

The scholarship will remain valid up to 4 years under the condition that the recipient meets the requirements such as maintaining the necessary GPA, taking enough credits, and complying with TIU’s behavioral expectations.

Tuition Reduction
Annual reduced amount for 1st year
Annual reduced amount from 2nd year

There are also other scholarships available from various organisations, do enquire with our educational consultants if you would like to know more!



(April 2021 Intake) Spring Semester

Application Periods
Announcement of Results
Payment of Enrolment Fee
Submission of Visa-Related Documents
Payment of Tuition and Fees
1 July - 15 July 2020
3 August 2020
3 August - 21 August 2020
3 August - 11 December 2020
3 August to 11 September 2020
16 September - 7 October 2020
2 November 2020
2 November - 20 November 2020
2 November - 11 December 2020
2 November - 11 December 2020
4 November - 25 November 2020
21 December 2020
21 December 2020 - 6 January 2021
21 December 2020 - 6 January 2021
21 December 2020 - 29 January 2021

Each intake has different admission schedule, hence we would constantly update the website on this. If you are interested in other intakes, feel free to contact us if you don't see it here yet!


TIU's E-Track campus is located at Kawagoe-shi, Saitama!

Kawagoe is a Tokyo suburb. This provides students with a quiet, healthy atmosphere to study in. Additionally, it only takes about 50 mins to the central of Tokyo. Truly the best of both worlds!

Ikebukuro International Campus is opening in 2023!!!


Tokyo International University will be establishing a new Urban International Campus in the Ikebukuro Metropolitan Area where the university's educational globalization efforts will be centralized. The university participated in a development contest to adopt part of the former mint bureau site, neighboring Sunshine City, and TIU's plan successfully won the competition. This land will be passed over to the university in October of 2020, and the campus facilities are set to be opened in September of 2023.

The English Track Program as well as other educational globalization functions will be centralized in this new campus. The university is planning to relocate half of the student body (roughly 3,500 of 7,000 students), and amongst those 3,500 students, the aim is 2,000 international students from over 100 countries. The plan also includes educators and researchers recruited from around the world, which will further enhance international "brain circulation" in line with Japan's national policy.

This new campus will be directly linked to the Kawagoe Campus via the Tobu Tojo Line as well as the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line. Furthermore, all types of programs will be opened throughout the Kawagoe, Sakado, and Ikebukuro International Campuses.

The creation of this Urban International Campus in Ikebukuro will dramatically strengthen the foundation of the globalized education already present in TIU's Kawagoe and Sakado Campuses, as well as bolster the overall globalization of the Ikebukuro Metropolitan Area.


English Plaza overview.JPG

English Plaza

Designed as a multipurpose English learning center, the English Plaza provides a casual atmosphere for students to pursue assistance with writing and language studies. Appointments with academic advisers are booked all electronically via your computer or smart phone.

The Plaza also fills the role of an international exchange hub, hosting seasonal events and activities year-round. This bountiful resource is jointly home to the Global Teaching Institute, and run completely by TIU student interns. Whether you are looking to buckle down on your research paper, hang out with friends and play games, or seek casual advice from an English teacher, the English Plaza is an awesome place for you call home.

Japanese Plaza

As a supplement to the knowledge of new languages acquired through practice and self-study in the classroom, it is widely known that creating a network within the society of the language in focus is crucial towards proficiency of new languages. The Japanese Plaza, or J-Plaza, is a facility that TIU provides its students that has outstanding potential to create this network with Japanese students in the following ways. 

・A link to Japanese teachers and Japanese students

・Japanese language tutoring and support from international students in English or other languages

・Japanese study materials, practice books for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), provision of resource materials to introduce modern Japanese society, and more!

Japanese Plaza 2.jpg


In order to foster a safe and comfortable learning environment, TIU operates on-campus dormitories for students coming to Japan for the first time. Dormitory managers and Residential Assistants are available on-site to lend a hand to international students during the assimilation to their new life in Japan.

The dormitory is just 15 minutes walk away from E-Track (Kawagoe) campus!

Type of room
Move in Fee
Monthly Fee
Single room
Not included
Shared room
  • All rooms have bed, desk, chair, air-conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, kitchenette, and bathroom provided.

  • Washing machines and driers are provided in all dormitories free of charge

  • Each dormitory has a small common area for residents