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Free Webinars in June 2022



We have the right knowledge and experience in this industry and market

Our team consists of Japanese natives, Singaporeans and foreigners who furthered their studies in Japan. This diversity allow us to have the vast amount of information and experience to share to our students. 

We started since March 2019, and till date (April 2020), we have met more than 300 students, supported many students and successfully helped 2 students further their studies in Japan. We have 3 more students who are heading over very soon!

Extensive help

With our company based in Singapore and headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, our team consists of native English and Japanese speakers. Therefore, we can help students before, during, and after this journey. Our Educational Consultants also organise seminars to help students and these seminars are free of charge! 

Students as our top priority

Our team tells you the pros and cons to everything and let you decide what you think is best for yourself. We attend to every needs and requests of students and are always here to help, because we believe in being there for our students throughout the entire journey.